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Lindy Hop / Charleston classes


Our fundamentals level Lindy Hop, this block focussing on Charleston. In one block, you will get familiarised with the basic steps and movements, along with a great deal of moves used to build up the dance. After this block you are ready to take your first steps of Charleston on the social dance floor!


This level is for solidifying the Charleston basics and getting comfortable with a wider range of tempos. We will greatly expand our vocabulary in this level, while mainly focussing on partner connection and strengthening our dancing technique.


Once you are a comfortable and confident Charleston dancer, it is time to improve other aspects of the dance. We will focus more on styling and adapting to our partners and the dancers around us, work a great deal on musicality and improvisation and will generally challenge our abilities as dancers. If you have had classes with us for longer, don't worry - we'll definitely throw in new material!

Collegiate Shag classes

Oompa Loompa

This is the continuation block of beginner Collegiate Shag classes! So this level is NOT for absolute beginners, we do expect you to have some knowledge of the basics, for instance by having done a course or a few workshops already. This level will focus on the basics, on the different style variations within Collegiate Shag, and how to bring flow and ease into this fast-paced and extremely fun swing dance from the 1930's!


When you are comfortably social dancing Collegiate Shag and you are up for taking your dancing to the next level, this is where you need to be! With a high focus on technique, these classes will have you increase your speed, improve your basics and will give you a great number of moves and variations to play with.

Blues classes

Baby Blue

Time to slow down and let the Blues take over! Take your first steps in the world of Blues dancing. Focussing more on movement and flow, these Blues classes will get you comfortable with dancing to very slow tempos. You will be introduced to Juke Joint Blues and Slow Drag, and will quickly be ready for your first Blues social!

Solo Jazz / Authentic Jazz classes

Apple Jacks

This is our beginner friendly Solo Jazz level. This block we will full focus on tackling one of the coolest routines out there: the Big Apple Contest. Famously danced for the first time in the 1939 movie Keep Punching, this routine is still an eye catcher at many social dances around the world today.
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