Class Descriptions

Find out what our classes are all about

Lindy Hop

Level 1

Our fundamentals level Lindy Hop. In one block you will get familiarised with the basic steps and movements, along with a great deal of moves used to build up the dance. After this block you are ready to take your first steps of Lindy Hop on the dance floor!

Level 2

This level is for solidifying the basics and getting comfortable with a wider range of tempos. We will greatly expand our vocabulary in this level, while mainly focusing on partner connection and strengthening our dancing technique. Next to Lindy Hop, you will also be introduced to the Charleston, which is an integral part of our dancing.

Please note: Typically you will spend around three blocks in this level. We keep rotating through our material to keep everyone engaged.

Level 3

In this level we will work on building more confidence as dancers, by going deeper into technical aspects of certain movements and connections. We will build on both 20’s and 30’s Charleston, will teach you different variations and give you tools to combine moves, and create more flow in our dancing.

Please note: Typically you will spend at least three blocks in this level. Most of the material in this block is not fixed, meaning there will be different challenges each block.

Level 4

Once you are a comfortable and confident Lindy Hop and Charleston dancer, it is time to improve other aspects of the dance. We will focus more on styling and adapting to our partners and the dancers around us, work a great deal on musicality and improvisation, and will generally challenge our abilities as dancers. If you have had classes with us for longer, don’t worry – we’ll definitely throw in new material!

Collegiate Shag

Level 1

Our beginner level of Shag, so no experience needed! This level will focus on the basics, on the different style variations within Collegiate Shag, and how to bring flow and ease into this fast-paced and extremely fun swing dance from the 1930's!

Please note: Typically you will spend two blocks in this level. We keep rotating through our material to keep everyone engaged.

Level 2

When you are comfortably social dancing Collegiate Shag and you are up for taking your dancing to the next level, this is where you need to be! With a high focus on technique, these classes will have you increase your speed, improve your basics and will give you a great number of moves and variations to play with.

Please note: Typically you will spend around three blocks in this level. We keep rotating through our material to keep everyone engaged.

Level 3

From intricate footwork variations, to truly advanced patterns and moves, this level is for Shag dancers who are up for a real challenge! Continuing to work on technique and finetuning all the fancy things in your vocabulary, while also working on posture, balance and movement. We will implement competition formats to build speed and improvisation skills, will challenge the group to work on synchronicity and individuality, and will be having fun with concepts like Followers Initiative.

Boogie Woogie

Level 1

Lindy Hop's little rebel cousin. Expect the same kind of fun in dancing, but with some sharper movements, high energy footwork variations, and of course that jumpin', stompin', drivin' sound of Boogie music! This course is aimed at beginners, though we do ask that you have at least some experience in Lindy Hop, as to not spend a lot of time on steps in a six-count rhythm, and leading and following basics.

Please note: Boogie Woogie is not one of our regular dances, and we will likely only offer this one course for now.


Level 1 (ELEF)

Like in our other dance styles, no prior experience is needed to join our beginner level for Blues. Typically danced to a slower tempo, this level focuses on the fundamentals of both Ballroom Blues, and Juke Joint Blues, the most commonly danced styles in Blues dancing today.

ELEF? "Everybody Leads, Everybody Follows!" A more and more common practice, especially for Blues classes, where you will learn both leading and following at the same time. This helps create a better understanding for both roles, in a dance where we really value a good and comfortable connection. It also means we will have no waiting list, and our classes will always be balanced!

Solo Jazz

Open level

Often called Authentic Jazz or Vernacular Jazz, these classes focus on solo movements and dancing without a partner. But many dancers will tell you that solo dancing will greatly improve your partnered dancing as well. Think of musicality, body awareness, confidence, groundedness, styling… and of course a bunch of moves to add to your repertoire! This level is open to anyone, as we will be working on both basic techniques and more intricate variations.

Please note: This level is mainly for beginners and improvers. If you consider yourself an advanced solo dancer, these classes might not offer many new things for you.