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What are the possibilities at Key Town Swing?

At Key Town Swing we offer weekly classes and workshops in a variety of different Vintage Swing dance styles. Our main focus is Lindy Hop, with Charleston and Authentic Jazz (or Solo Jazz) added in weekly classes.
Next to Lindy Hop, we also teach weekly classes of Collegiate Shag, a popular up-tempo dance from the 1930’s. Depending on interest, we occasionally offer Slow Drag / Blues, Balboa and Boogie Woogie. These dances will be taught in either weekly classes, one-off workshops or a set of classes.

Taking private classes in either of these dance styles or booking us to teach a company workshop or group class is also possible. Visit our Contact page to ask us for more information.

The next block of classes starts in May!

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We currently offer four levels of Lindy Hop and two levels of Collegiate Shag. Our levels have a linear build-up, meaning you will need to be comfortable with a number of techniques and moves before going on to the next level.

Level information will be available soon!
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