Meet the KTS Team!

Find out a little bit more about who does what at Key Town Swing

Lysanne Duym

Lysanne started taking Lindy Hop classes with Key Town Swing in 2017 and hasn’t stopped dancing since, adding Collegiate Shag to the mix as well in 2019. She likes switching between leading and following, and thinks having fun is the most important part of classes and dancing in general.

In classes Lysanne focuses on this element of fun, and blurring the lines between leading and following.

Lysanne teaches Lindy Hop and Collegiate Shag

Chris Koren

"She just wants to dance" has become an anthem for Chris ever since she started dancing in 2019. After taking her first swing dance steps at Leiden socials, she hasn't looked back. She has indulged herself with all kinds of swing dances, including Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, Boogie Woogie and Blues, and has been taking part in many dance festivals and competitions. Inviting other people to dance and share her passion is one of her main goals on and off the dance floor.

This is also apparent in classes, where Chris makes sure everyone finds this same kind of passion for the dance and the music.

Chris teaches Blues

Rosalyn Stürzer

Rosalyn loves dancing since she was little. She danced Tap dance for many years in Berlin and spent a summer dancing Tap and Jazz in New York. When, as a birthday gift, she got beginners classes in Lindy Hop, she immediately fell in love with the playfulness and the energy of the dance, and since then couldn’t stop exploring the world of Swing dances. Despite being a classical singer, whenever Rosalyn hears music on which you can dance Lindy Hop, Shag, Blues or Boogie, she cannot keep her feet still. Rosalyn likes to see the dance as a communication between you, your partner, and the music.

Rosalyn teaches Collegiate Shag

Ron Smits

Ron was playing in a 50's/60's band, where he often saw people dancing Boogie Woogie. Interested in this dance, he started taking lessons. Soon after, he discovered Lindy Hop, which opened a whole world of Swing dances to him. Since 2011, Ron has been dancing, DJ'ing and teaching at events around the world. Whether it's Lindy Hop, Boogie, Blues or Shag, it's impossible to keep Ron off the dance floors.

Ron finds listening to and playing with the music, and being aware of your partner most important.

Ron teaches Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag and Blues