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Weekly classes

All our classes take place at our very own

Key Town Swing Studio, Boshuizerskade 119


19:00 Bass

20:00 Rhythm

21:00 Melody


19:30 Oompa Loompa

20:45 Do-Si-Do

Monthly socials

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, all of our regular socials are suspended until further notice!

Once social events can properly reopen, we will resume our monthly dance events:

Triootje Kiers at De Plantage

Dancing to live music at Café De Plantage, Hogewoerd 168

Every first Thursday of the month,


Hot Cup o’ Jazz

Speak-Easy social at De Eeuwige Student, Wassenaarseweg 1

Every second Sunday of the month,


Freakin’ Fun Friday

Social with a changing theme at De Flow, Morsstraat 35

Every third Friday of the month,